The Laboratory

Inves Biofarm

The Inves Biofarm Laboratory was created with the mission of researching, developing, and manufacturing medicines orphans that improve the life quality of patients with rare diseases.

In their investigations they discover a formulation that effectively improves skin ulcers, in some cases the re-epithelialization is almost total.

For this reason, they tested the formula in other proportions for use in facial dermis regeneration treatments, skin hydration, acne… with excellent results supported by scientific studies.

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Inves Biofarm, in addition to R&D&i, manufacturing of medicines and other own products, offers quality, stability and safety evaluation services.


To carry out these activities, Inves Biofarm has R&D&I laboratories in the PTS of Granada, as well as a manufacturing plant for class III injectable, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic health products. And class II topics.


Inves Biofarm, in collaboration with the Health Technology Park and the University of Granada, makes this R&D&i platform available to companies, research groups and patient associations to collaborate with doctors and patients in the search for new therapeutic solutions. that help improve the quality of life of the rare disease group.


Inves Biofarm has made investments in equipment and facilities to expand the range of services and be able to provide a better response to our customers. Existing processes have been automated and the versatility of the machinery has been expanded to be able to process the products demanded by the market. For this it has had the support of the European Union.

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